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Parallel Systems is a leader in quality renewable energy and automation systems that ensure our Dealers and System Integrators are trained and certified to install systems to a high standard which in turn give you the peace of mind to know that the installations will give you years of "Trouble Free" service.

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The current energy crisis in South Africa has adversely affected productive capacity of businesses, due to the unscheduled, unstable and unreliable grid. 71% of businesses are negatively affected by loadshedding. The energy crisis will get worse with threatened stage 8 loadshedding looming.

Commercial and Industrial sectors require correctly engineered power redundancy / backup in the current environment of power uncertainty to provide a long-term, trouble-free solution.

Although generators are ideal for short-term power supply, they are costly to run and maintain especially when they are expected to perform regularly, and for long periods of time i.e., daily, or even more frequent.

At Parallel Systems we work closely with System Integrators and Electrical Engineering personnel to acheive an automated design and manufacture of a  robust trouble free solution by using only best quality reliable products from reputable manufacturers.

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Atess Inverters

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The ATESS solutions include all-in-one hybrid inverters, battery inverters and lithium battery solutions. Inverters range from 5 kW up to 1MW, covering both residential, commercial and utility application scenarios.

The EV charger portfolio is composed of 7kW to 360kW AC and DC electric vehicle chargers for home and public charging station, compatible with all mainstream EVs in the market, so far as to e-buses and e-ferries. Ever since the company founded, its products have been installed in over 85 countries around the globe..

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Freedom Won Batteries

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Freedom Won offer a wide range of leading lithium battery solutions to cover all your needs from their smallest 7Ah 12V gate motor batteries through to their largest 5MWh containerised expandable grid support solutions.

Freedom Won’s LiTE technology incorporates the highest quality LiFePO4 cells with an advanced battery management system (BMS) and protection features, ensuring an ultra-safe battery with high power capabilities.

LiTE batteries are packaged in a high-quality compact and attractive aluminium enclosure with integrated heavy duty protection circuit breaker, state of charge display and power cables, allowing for quick and easy installation and safety peace of mind.

The advanced BMS allows for hassle free plug and play commissioning with most inverter brands. Extensive size/capacity options allow the designer to select one unit to satisfy the storage capacity needs for the system thus simplifying installation and commissioning and resulting in a compact, safer, neater solution.

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Canadian Solar Panels

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Founded in Toronto in 2001, Canadian Solar Inc provides a range of solar energy solutions and is a leading global manufacturer of solar PV modules. As one of the world’s top five manufacturers, Canadian Solar is making a real difference by delivering more clean, safe and affordable solar energy to the world. Its industry-leading products include high-efficiency solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems and off-grid solar power application solutions.

Ever since its inception, Canadian Solar has been dedicated to changing the lives of all of its customers for the better. Its PV panels have been thoroughly tested and proven under harsh conditions, allowing the manufacturer to offer a 25-year warranty with confidence. Through these premium-quality solar products, Canadian Solar gives customers complete peace of mind – and it is these products that have helped to set the company apart from the competition.

Thanks to its successful business subsidiaries across six continents and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada, China, Brazil and South East Asian countries, has delivered more than 33 GW of premium-quality solar modules to customers in over 150 countries. The manufacturer also operates three state-of-the-art PV research centres for cells, modules and systems in both Canada and China.

With projects currently being developed in the US, Japan, Latin America, Australia, EMEA, South East Asia, India and China, Canadian Solar’s total project pipeline is now 9 GW.

In South Africa, Canadian Solar has sales and technical support and works with to provide product training across the country. Its PV panels are particularly well suited to the harsh environment and extreme temperature ranges common in the region.

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Longi Solar Panels

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LONGi has laid out several manufacturing bases in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries and regions, and branches in the United States, Japan, India, Australia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, with businesses in more than 150 countries and regions. In 2021, the company's production capacity for wafers and modules had reached 105GW and 60GW respectively.

With the optimization of high-quality silicon wafers, cells, and module packaging design, Hi-MO 7 offers a linear power warranty with an annual degradation rate of up to 0.38%.

The improved efficiency of Hi-MO 7 effectively reduces the cost of equipment, module cleaning, land rental, maintenance, etc.

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Siemens Logic Controllers and Metering

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Whether you need compact controller solutions with integrated functions, powerful controllers for the toughest demands, or controllers for distributed architectures or PC-based automation systems: the Siemens SIMATIC controller portfolio has the right PLC for your requirements.

The Siemens SENTRON PAC3200T or SENTRON PAC3220 are a powerful compact power monitoring devices that are suitable with other models for use in industrial, government and commercial applications where basic metering and energy monitoring is required.

These meters may be used as a stand alone device monitoring over 50 parameters although we usually use them as part of an industrial control, building automation, Freely adjustable load controlling system or global power monitoring system.

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